Army and Air Force aircraft are identified by a unique Serial Number assigned to each. Navy and Marine Corps aircraft are similarly identified by a Bureau Number. The Coast Guard also identifies its aircraft by Serial Number.

The best available source on the Web for information about individual military aircraft is Joe Baugher’s web site. Joe has made a point of trying to identify and list all such aircraft individually by their identifying numbers, as well as providing much further information on a lot of aircraft, and has made this information available on his site in very clear fashion.

The site isĀ Joe Baugher’s site

The searchable table for aircraft on our site includes a little information about some aircraft (like a few nicknames and the disposition of some) that is not available on Joe Baugher’s site. However, overall no one is going to come close to the wealth of aircraft information that is on his site.

Another excellent source of information about all but recent years’ aircraft is “U.S. Military Aircraft Designations and Serials, 1909 to 1979” by John M. Andrade. This book includes lots of data about specific aircraft as well as background on the various types and groups.

C-47 dropping paratroopers on D-Day in Normandy
B-17 E 41-2461 2272 El Toro Boeing WW II
7th Bombardment Group
B-17 F-10-BO 41-24464 3149 Excalibur Boeing WW II
324th Bomb Squadron
Ditched 1943-03-04
B-17 F-30-VE 42-5888 6184 Elusive Elcy Lockheed/Vega WW II 94th Bomb Group, 331st Bomb Squadron
B-17 F-50-DL 42-3349 8285 El Diablo/El Lobo/El an Douglas Long Beach WW II 94th Bomb Group
B-17 G-1-VE 42-39815 6558 Emeigh Lockheed/Vega Burbank WW II
323rd Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group
B-17 G-100-BO 43-38999 9977 Emma Boeing Seattle WW II
358th Bomb Squadron, 303rd Bomb Group. Tail code F
B-17 G-15-VE 42-97511 6876 Egg haid Lockheed Vega WW II
B-17 G-20-BO 42-31551 6665 Elizabeth Ann Boeing Seattle WW II
457th Bomb Group
B-17 G-35-BO 42-31946 7060 Esky Boeing Seattle WW II 94th Bomb Group 333rd Bomb Squadron
94th Bomb Group
Lost Apr 20 1944, France
Lost 1944-04-20
B-17 G-65-BO 43-37597 8575 Earthquake McGoon Boeing Seattle WW II 303rd Bomb Group

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