aircraft attack A-35 A Vengeance Obsolete Attack AAF Vultee WW II
aircraft attack A-36 A Obsolete Army AC North American WW II
aircraft attack A-4 D-1, -M, TA-4 Skyhawk Active Attack USN Douglas (McDonnell Douglas) Pratt & Whitney (Engine) Engine: J52-P-408, Thrust 11,200 lbs., Wing Span: 27′ 6, Length: 40′ 3.5, Height:15′ 0, Max Speed 595 kts at Sea Level, 560 kts with 4,000 disposable stores. G limit +7.5 Entered service in 1953. Can carry 9,155 pounds disposable stores. 2,960 purchased, one of the most versatile aircraft produced.
aircraft attack A-6 A, E Intruder Active Attack USN Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp. Pratt & Whitney (Engine) Engine: 2 J52-P-408, Thrust 9,300 lbs. each, Wing Span: 53′ 0, Length: 54′ 9, Height:16′ 2, Max Speed 560 kts at Sea Level, 560 kts. Service ceiling 42,400′ Entered service in 1963. Can carry 18,000 pounds disposable stores. 687 purchased.
aircraft attack A-7 A-7A,A-7D, A-7E, A-7K Corsair II Air Guard long range interdict AF LTV Aerospace Corp Vought Corp, Pratt & Whitney (engine) Earlier used by both Navy and Air Force
aircraft attack A-77 Helldiver Obsolete attack bomber Army AC Curtiss WW II
Navy designation is SBC
aircraft attack AD 2, 2Q, 3N, 3Q, 3W, 6 Skyraider Obsolete attack bomber Navy Douglas Korean War
Later reclassified A-1
aircraft attack AF 2S, 2W Guardian Obsolete attack bomber Navy Grumman
aircraft attack AM 1, 1-Q, Mauler Obsolete Single Eng. Heavy Attack USN Martin Pratt & Whitney (Engine) Engine: R-4360 Put in service at end of WW II, limited number produced. Was the largest single engine aircraft with largest engine produced, R-4360. Did not see combat service.
aircraft attack BD Havoc Obsolete attack aircraft Navy Douglas WW II
Navy designation of Douglas Havoc. Army designation is A-20

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